Hair & Beauty

Facial Treatment

We provide the best anti-tan facial, anti-aging facial, fruit facial, pearl facial,o2c2 facial, hydra facial,skin lightening facial,bridal glow facial,fairness facial in Kerala. Here we have various types of facial treatments suitable for all types of skin , get your safe and organic facial treatment at normal cost.

Anti-acne treatment

We are the best anti-acne facial treatment provider in Kerala.As an expert acne studio here you will get blackhead removal, pimple treatments, blemish free skin, hormonal acne treatment, acne scar treatment ,acne vulgaris removal,etc at affordable cost/best rates with expert latest techniques and top cheryls cosmeceuticals products.


We are the top cheryls hydra moisture treatment specialists in Kerala. As a potent dry skin treatment it will hydrate ,smooths, and will soften the skin. Ashtamudi wellness unique hydra treatment is at best cost .Cheryl’s hydra moist facial will give you a flawless skin even in the driest climate.

Sensi-glow treatment

Our best sensi glow treatment is for sensitive skin to calming and soothing the skin. Here you will get organic and safe and cheryls cosmeceuticals sensitive skin treatments at affordable rates. The benefits of sensi-glow facial will be for any type of skin because of it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Our unique/advanced Cheryl’s oxy-golden-protein bleaches are making wonders on people’s skin. Best, safe and easy to use bleach for all types of skin with no bleach side effects is our specialty. Moisturizing, calming, soothing, golden glow, promotes younger and skin tone etc… are the benefits of these various bleaches.


Creative haircuts

We are the expert hair stylists of creative haircuts for long hair,Creative haircuts for short hair,and creative haircuts for medium hair etc..We do Loreal professional hair care ,hair cutting and styling for all.Here you will get the best in-salon creative haircuts at normal cost /best rates.

Creative hair colour

Our creative hair colour services are trending now in Kerala .We offer latest and best hair colouring techniques of L’oreal professionnel and the most demanding/advanced hair colouring services of balayage hair,ombre,highlight colour,crazy colour,ammonia free colour,grey coverage,and root -touch up as safest and organic.

Permanent blow dry

From here you will get an effective permanent blow dry treatment.That will help you to remove frizz, add moisture,add silky smoothness and also will make your hair easier to manage. Our loreal professional in-salon permanent blow dry will protect the hair from heat and frizz at best rates.

Hair straightening/Hair smoothening

We offer cost effective and the best hair straightening/hair smoothing treatment in all over kerala.The best hair smoothing treatment will benefit you with long,sleek,and smooth hair.The top and safe/organic Loreal professional hair care care products are using in the hair straightening/hair smoothening treatment .

Keratin Treatment

We are the best keratin hair treatment salon in Kerala.The effective/safest , professional keratin treatment will smoothes and adds shine to frizzy hair.The safest treatment will give more manageable hair with less frizz,long lasting results,and hair growth.We provides you the cost effective Keratin treatment process.

Hair spa

Ashtamudi wellness is the best hair spa with the top spa therapists.We provide the best/ effective and various spa services in kerala, highly recommended Loreal spa and care products are using here.So the best results of detox,nourish,and de-stress for a healthy scalp and hair is guaranteed.

Anti-dandruff treatment

We offer the Loreal professional anti-dandruff treatment in Kerala. Our salon will help in effective and safe dandruff control and dandruff causing germs control.As an expert hair salon you will get the best anti-dandruff treatments.Our expertise and professionalism will be the right choice for your scalp and hair.

Advanced hair treatments

Ashtamudi wellness is the famous hair salon where you will get the best and advanced in-salon hair treatments in Kerala.Get the advanced hair treatments of Loreal professional power mix treatment and smart bond treatment at best rates or affordable costs and as totally safe with the expert hair therapists.