Krone Proboto-X Keratin Sulfate-Free Cleanser 200 ML

Krone Proboto-X Keratin Sulfate-Free Cleanser 200 ML


Krone Proboto-X Keratin Sulfate-Free Cleanser 200 ML, Whether your curls are feeling dry or your highlights are looking a little dull, Krone Proboto-X Keratin Sulfate Free Cleanser can very well be the solution — it restores moisture, softness, and even brightness to your locks, often in a matter of minutes.

Consider a skin-care analogy: If daily conditioner is a skin to your lightweight body lotions, hair serums are more of body butter, explains Ash Fritzler, master stylist at the Bird House salon. “Hair serums are key to healthy hair, no matter the texture,” says stylist Danielle Priano, whose clients include Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez.

Contrary to popular belief, according to Shirley Hagel, an advanced creative stylist at Parlor Hair Salon, “hair type” isn’t always the most important guiding factor in this context. “For me, choosing a serum isn’t so much about whether the hair is thick or thin,” she says. Rather, her most important consideration is what the hair needs — whether that be hydration, damage repair, or nutrient replenishment.

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